This photo project is dedicated to people.

This is the portfolio of my mobile photographs taken primarily in Moscow, Russia (and sometimes in other cities). Once started taking photos of strangers with an iPhone on streets, in all kinds of public places and, most of all, Moscow subway, I was stunned by the variety of characters, emotions and hidden stories behind them. All pictures here are candid, taken unnoticed and showing people’s natural behavior and interaction. In some way, this is an observational exercise of what people actually are in their real lives.

As said, all photos here are taken with an iPhone only, so please don’t expect too much shining quality and sharpness. The key point are the people themselves, behaving in a manner they do every day, their emotions, characters and beauty.

Most of my work presented here is also published daily on my Instagram and EyeEm accounts @kypexin — please have a minute to stop by, check it and follow.